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I'm a stay at home Mama to the world's greatest son! I wouldn't have it any other way. :D I'm a proud Army Wife, and I think the only downside to the Reserves is watching all of my active friends leave me! :( I enjoy everything, and anything with my baby, MOPS, positive parenting, cloth diapering, dabbling in "green" living, and enjoying life in my new role as a Mama! The only thing I miss about the East Coast is the beach!

15 September 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Posted by Adrianna at 9:56 PM

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to give you all a quick update on the homefront. It's monsoon season here in Arizona, and unfortunately, my son, and I got caught in the rain while grocery shopping, and came down with nasty colds! I'm updating from my android while he's asleep. We will also be moving to our new home 23 September 2011. I won't be posting until the following week after our move so my son, and I can kick these colds, and my family can get settled into our new home. I have some great giveaways in store for you, but in the meantime, show these blogs some love!

- Nini & Goo
- Twice the Fun
- 17 Sirens

Thanks for understanding!


Felicia R said...

Did you also have the bigalittlei (I think that was the name) and the turtlemansmama blogs too? What happened to those and the open giveaways that were posted on the one? I was a follower and then went to see if winners were announced and it said blog not found :-(

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