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27 September 2011

A new direction for this Blog...

Posted by Adrianna at 10:20 PM

So, all these changes in my family's life have really gotten me thinking about how I would like things to go. Reviews, and Giveaways have been great... and fun. I am so happy to promote great companies, and get Isaac free stuff of course! I originally did it for diapers. They are too expensive, and my son needed them. Then when I learned you can basically run a blog like a business, and make money... as a stay at home Mama, this appealed to me greatly. To pitch my part, and enjoy my child?! Win/win... right? Not really. I love connecting with other parents, and spreading my knowledge of "green" living... and of course helping other families save money, and win free stuff! I've noticed that these serious bloggers, with amazing giveaways, and great swag... spend so much time doing blog stuff that they forget why they do it... for their children! The child gets great stuff, but they miss out on what they really need. BONDING. It was fun while it lasted, but with the ammount of work that goes into this stuff, and the time away from your child (whether they're sleeping, or not)... I could be half way through a couple college classes. I made the choice to put that on hold until Isaac is older, and be a stay at home Mama so as to not miss out on these precious times, and build memories, and great experiences for Isaac. He is only young once. I'm putting this stuff on hold. I don't want to miss a thing with my child. My love is the greatest gift I can give him! I just want to enjoy life, everyday with my family. Don't worry, I AM still going to do Reviews, and Giveaways just not as often, or many. You crazy fluff addicts! (*Guilty!*). Instead, my blog's focus is going to be parenting, and connecting with other families. So, please share away! I just started seriously attacking post partum weight loss (my legs are so sore... and I do NOT wanna do another squat any time soon... but will be lol). I will be sharing my weigh-ins, successes, failures, recipes, and before, and after pics! (I'm a chub-meister so don't be alarmed! You're probably a Mama, so I'm sure you understand). I'm also planning on getting Zumba, to add to my various workouts. I've heard a lot of raves! I don't have the time to post about every workout, meal, or weigh-in. I will share frequently though!

For post partum weight loss, what did you do? It would really help (if you don't mind sharing) if you had a natural birth, or c-section birth. I had a natural birth, but a friend of mine had a c-section, and I've heard each have a special type of workout that works best? Maybe a myth? Let me know! Had a great workout, now I'm ready for some great rest (we are still unpacking our new house too!). New posts soon! Goodnight everyone!


boyzrule said...

Bravo!!! I am behind you 100%. You know I will follow no matter what. :)

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