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29 September 2011

My first (intense) post partum workout... killer squats, and granny walks!

Posted by Adrianna at 9:06 PM

My husband is pretty tech-savvy, and has the latest video game odds, and ends. We have a 360, and a Kinect. My brother in-law recently gave us (me), a workout game to loose my baby weight. Before we moved into our very spacious new home, it sat on top of our entertainment system, but now that we have the room for me to flail around, and since Isaac is older... and getting scarily more, and more independent each day... I can get my much missed, post Army body back! We haven't finished un-packing... and there is sooo much to do. Working out is honestly one of the last things on my mind. Hubby was messing around with the game, Isaac was asleep... and I just had to give it a shot. It creates a profile, visually measures your body, and has tons of workouts to choose from! I was plesantly surprised. There are fitness games, cardio, yoga, toning, kick boxing, karate... and more! There is even a special program after pregnancy cardio, and after pregnancy toning. I was very excited! My plan was to do cardio, loose weight, then tone. For some reason, the first workout I did was a mixture of cardio, and toning. It did the trick. I broke a sweat, and almost my leg lol. Mind you, I was on bed rest 75% of my pregnancy due to a subchoroinic hemmorhage, and preeclampsia... and too far along to move for the other 25%! It has been about a good year since I worked out. The workout sessions were 20 min each. Which is recommended about 2-3 times a week to stay fit, and healthy. The first round got me a bit sore, but the second had me doing so many squats! The sensor kept telling me they weren't low enough (and my bum was almost touching the ground!)... but I kept at it. I might love chocolate, but I WILL be 115lbs again! Thus is thing on day 3 since my worth out, I cannot bend my legs! Hip to though is so sore! Going down stairs, up stairs, and walking makes my knee give out lol! A granny with a walker has more mobility than I do right now! I did 40 minutes of squat variations, a burned 151 (but I think more) calories. :D They say if you're sore, you're doing something right... but I think I overdid it for the first workout. I've almost done a few faceplants due to my knees giving out. Another workout tommorrow (maybe)!

How did you Mama's feel after your first PP workout? Any funny stories? Do share!


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